Hey… dude….

Shh!  Seriously.

I’ve got something for you.  Cool?

Check it out: I hear Shimano is kicking down big-time.

Naw, man.  You’re not thinking big enough.  Think BIGGER.

Can’t guess?

Alright, alright — I’ll stop messing with you.

Shimano pony-ed up a New Ultegra 6700 Group for the State CX event.

Believe it.  COMPLETE GROUP.  You ain’t made out this nice since since high school graduation.


At the event, man… duh.

Oh, right, where AT the event.  I knew that.

I hear you gotta get to the Shimano booth in the food & beer tent and talk to some guy named Lawrence.  He’s like Australian or something.  If you show him your race # he gives you a ticket cause this thing is goin’ raffle-style.

Yea, exactly!  If you race both days you can get two tickets so I’m definitely signing up for the omnium.

You already registered?!  On the website?  Sweet.  I’m on it.

Full group, dude!!  FULL GROUP!! Can you believe it?!

Shh, SHH!

Somebody’s comin’.  Act cool………

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