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November 28th, 2009

2009 Shimano Minnesota State Championship a Huge Success

November 20th, 2009

Minneapolis, MN

Ending with the GP Zac Daab on Sunday, November 15th, 2009, the Shimano Minnesota Cyclocross State Championship super-event concluded another season of cyclocross in the upper Midwest. The event, which spanned two days of racing, drew over 500 participants and hundreds of spectators to Bassett Creek Park in Crystal, MN, for the weekend’s festivities.

Most of the weekend’s racers had pre-registered for the event and filled CRC Bicycle Shop and Coffee Bar in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood to the gills on Friday night where promoters had scheduled their packet pick-up from 7-10pm. CRC’s owner, Tommy “Hurl” Everstone, was pleased with hosting the packet-pickup prior to the event. “I think it was a good turn out and I was stoked to be a part of it,” Everstone said, “I think a lot of people that hadn’t been to [CRC] before were exposed to the shop and in general the whole vibe of the weekend was cool.” Both on-line pre-registration and a packet pickup scheduled prior to the event’s start conspired to eliminate registration lines on Saturday and on Sunday, as racers were able to focus on warming up and preparing for their respective races rather than waiting to pay their fees and pick up numbers.

Once racing got under way at 9am on Saturday morning, Bassett Creek Park was already a-buzz with scores of spectators and racers, whose chance at state-championship glory would come later in the day. Morning attendees of the the event were treated to artisanal coffee, a variety of pastries and a delicious egg-bake courtesy of Stillwater’s The Bikery. Later in the day, lunch fare was provided by Twin Cities culinary powerhouse, Brasa, whose pulled-pork and chicken sandwiches were the talk of the massive Shimano hospitality tent. Meanwhile, Rush River Brewing Co. provided thirsty spectators with no fewer than three flavors of their hand-crafted seasonal beers and Emy’s Mini Donuts of St. Cloud, MN, catered to attendees’ sweet-tooth with warm donuts served from their mobile donut-hut.

Much of the action on both days of racing centered around two critical energy-sapping portions of the course: the sand pit, which was located directly next to the Shimano hospitality tent and adjacent vendor expo area; and the infamous stairs, which were hidden in the depths of Bassett Creek Park’s forest. These high-traffic segments of the course along with both barrier sections were sponsored by local bicycle shops who partnered with the event’s organizer, Juggernaut Promotions, to ensure these locations maximized the experience for racers and viewers alike. The stairs were given a complete “Belgian” makeover by Excelcycle with banners adorning each grueling step while the sand pit was sponsored by Freewheel Bike Shop, whose employees offered light snacks and coffee along with copious amounts of audible support for passing racers. The course’s two unique barrier sections were sponsored by Behind Bars Bike Shop and One On One Bicycle Studio; both provided racers with challenging obstacles that in some cases did more than their share to impede a racer’s forward progress.

Additional race sponsorship was provided by Penn Cycle, who expertly provided riders with on-site mechanical and neutral support, and by The Bikery, who generously sponsored the race itself as well as one of the weekend’s three raffles with a new Ridley Cyclocross frame set in an appropriate size to fit the raffle’s winner. The other two raffles were sponsored by Handspun Wheels, whose employees donated a pair of hand-built tubular cyclocross wheels, and by the event’s title sponsor, Shimano, which provided a complete Ultegra 6700 group and a pair of 2010 Ultegra 6700 tubeless wheels for raffle. Jeanne Fleck, winner of the Shimano component group was ecstatic with her prize, “Please extend my sincerest Thank You… to the sponsors who gave away such wonderful prizes. I’m very happy that I decided to get involved in cyclocross this year. What a great sport and what an awesome group of people!”

The event was also made possible by a large group of generous sponsors including Clement Tires, DT Swiss, Thule, Dig It Triathlon, Salsa Cycles, Ridley, Zipp, FSA, Thomson, Vittoria, Planet Bike, Clif Bar, GU, and Grand Stay Hotels. Stephen Vitvitsky, who organized event sponsorship for the event, said of the sponsors, “Each of our vendor and local bicycle shop sponsors played a critical role in helping Juggernaut Promotions achieve its twin goals of a contribution to Crystal’s youth sports programs in the amount of $5,000 and of securing this outstanding venue for future Minnesota cyclocross calendars.” He continued, “On behalf of all the weekend’s racers and spectators, we would like to extend a hearty and well-deserved ‘Thank you!’ to every sponsor for their contribution to the success of the 2009 MN state cyclocross championship weekend!”

Winners of Saturday’s official state championship races were awarded medals during a special ceremony at One On One Bicycle Studio on Saturday evening, while winners of Sunday’s GP Zac Daab races as well as the weekend’s combined omnium points competition were treated to a healthy pot of cash and prizes that exceeded $15,000 — the largest in the history of Minnesota cyclocross racing. The generous pot drew racers from around the Midwest including Iowa, Wisconsin, both Dakotas as well as adjacent Canadian provinces. Minnesota natives Doug Swanson and Jenna Rinehart won their respective Cyclocross State Championship Pro Category races and the honor of wearing gold for the next twelve months. Swanson and Iowegian Kim Eppen took home first-place prizes for the weekend’s Omnium combined points competition.

By the time race promoters began tearing down the course on Sunday afternoon, much of the Minnesota cycling community was already excitedly talking about what Juggernaut Promotions will have in store for the 2010 cyclocross season; while promoters declined to comment on specific plans, the group did hint at the potential of a Juggernaut Promotions Midwest cyclocross race series that would rival the likes of Portland, Oregon’s Cross Crusade. Still, cyclocross enthusiasts of all stripes will be forced to wait for next year’s schedule to learn what ultimately comes to fruition.

Shimano Minnesota State Championship Weekend Omnium Results #fb

November 16th, 2009

Thanks to all who came out to the races this weekend! Individual day race results can be found here: MN State ChampionshipsGP Zac Daab

Omnium results for the weekend are listed below:

Junior Boys 10-14
1 Brian Gaines
2 Michael Gaines
3 Nils Boberg
4 Marcus Warrington
5 Robert Anderson

Junior Girls 10-14
1 Rachel Jensen
2 Valerie McGoldrick

Junior Boys 15-18
1 Merrill Lutsky
2 Alexander Meyer
3 Matthew Wenzel
4 Samuel Bramel
5 Zach Stilwell
6 Jack Richards
7 Trent Warner
8 Brody Pasciullo
9 Daniel Svedberg

Junior Girls 15-18
1 Jessica Greeley
2 Zoe Reker
3 Niki Reker

Women Cat 4
1 Jeanne Fleck
2 Jacklyn Carlson
3 Kristy Henderson
4 Amy Campbell
5 Meredith Rambow
6 Linsey Hamilton
7 Nicole Waxmonsky-Tu
8 Emily Goltz
9 Lori Belz
10 Patty Costello
11 Hanna Sullivan
12 Lis Wilson
13 Caitlin Marine
14 Manda Lo
15 Jenifer Fischer
16 Heather George
17 Jenny Barba
18 Tina Raesler
19 Dana Buddenbaum

Men Cat 4
1 Josh Collins
2 Clayton McLagan
3 Matt Leizinger
4 Charles Parsons
5 Daniel Stresse
6 Tim Borrie
7 Monte Dirks
8 Andrew Chaffe
9 Jacob Oyen
10 Alfred Lajon
11 Scott Sabol
12 Vince Meyer
13 Kris Weum
14 Dan Schueller
15 Craig Hertz
16 Tom Puzak
17 Clayton Summit
18 Brandon Manske
19 Nathan Goltz

Men 45+
1 Paul McKinney
2 William Kuster
3 David Herbert
4 Ladric Grand
5 Dan Inderieden
6 Jeff Evanson
7 Greg Golbirsch
8 Jeff Colbeth
9 Steve Laurel
10 Mark Kowaliw
11 Dan Schueller
12 Mark Rathbun
13 Jeffery Staloch
14 Eric Swenson
15 Robert Belz
16 Todd Trembley
17 Tim Holmstrom
18 Michael Cisek
19 Steve Wenzel

Men 55+
1 Charles Townsend
2 Gregory Pautsch
3 Dan Meyer
4 Robert Ogren
5 Robert Benedum
6 David Ludwigson
7 David Hastert
8 John Stamm
9 Michael Lyner
10 Steve Hirsh
11 Jack Stack

Men Cat 3
1 Jonathan Toftoy
2 James Buddenbaum
3 Zach Johnson
4 Kyle Fleener
5 Tim Brandvold
6 Daniel Jacobsen
7 Eric Oftedahl
8 Dave Oachs
9 Daniel Wheeler
10 Asa Jacobs
11 Cody Larson
12 Caleb Goltz
13 Nils Boberg
14 Brian Duncan
15 Gregory Rhodes
16 Marc Wiken
17 Bruce Martens
18 Justin Rinehart
19 Jeff Ingahm
20 Chris Alme
21 Andy Reichert
22 Mason Bacso

Women 1/2/3
1 Kim Eppen
2 Jenna Rinehart
3 Linda Cooper
4 Bianca Bergman
5 Corey Coogan
6 Lee Penn
7 Megan Lennon
8 Beckie Alexander
9 Terra James
10 Zoe Reker
11 Kris Brazil
12 Kristy Henderson
13 Jackie Carlson
14 Jessica Wittwer
15 Amy Campbell
16 Alexandra Kerl
17 Jeannette Sample
18 Andrea P

Men 35+
1 Dewey Dickey
2 CJ Faulkner
3 Christopher Smith
4 Jared Roy
5 Michael Phillips
6 John Struchynski
7 Daniel Casper
8 Guy Alvarez
9 Marty Netzel
10 Jay Henderson
11 Todd Heiser
12 Jason Snider
13 Wallace Alexander
14 Oliver Vrambout
15 Mystery Ride
16 Scott Robertson
17 Thomas McDonald
18 Brian Koeneman
19 Keith Bianchi

Men 1/2
1 Douglas Swanson
2 Pat Lemieux
3 Brian Eppen
4 Jack Hinkens
5 Jesse Rients
6 Matt Williams
7 Jordan Cullen
8 Micha Moran
9 Jacob Boyce
10 Matthew Allen
11 Aric Hareland
12 Nicholas Vetter
13 Brian Crosby
14 Chris Fisher
15 Jeff Kluck
16 Ezra Taylor
17 Joshua Roeser
18 Adam Froemming
19 Jacob Helmbrecht

Shimano Minnesota Cyclocross State Championships Results #fb

November 14th, 2009

Don’t forget that tomorrow is another full day of racing!

The GP Zac Daab will be the final race of the Minnesota Cyclocross Rider of the Year series as well as Day Two of the State Championship Cyclocross Omnium. Come out tomorrow for more racing, food, expo and bouncy thing fun. And stay for the 2:30pm OPEN HOLESHOT SPRINT! Two laps for the men and two laps for the women. Prizes to the winners!

See you tomorrow at the races!

Full results from today posted here.

Pictures here!

Current omnium standings (place and points):

Men Cat 1/2
Douglas Swanson 1 20
Jack Hinkens 2 18
Brian Eppen 3 16
Pat Lemieux 4 14
Matt Williams 5 12
Jesse Rients 6 10
Micha Moran 7 9
Jordan Cullen 8 8
Aric Hareland 9 7
Brian Crosby 10 6
Jacob Boyce 11 5
Ezra Taylor 12 4
Nicholas Vetter 13 3
Adam Froemming 14 2
Jeff Kluck 15 1

Masters 35+
Dewey Dickey 1 20
Daniel Casper 2 18
CJ Faulkner 3 16
Marty Netzel 4 14
Christopher Smith 5 12
Jay Henderson 6 10
John Struchynski 7 9
Michael Phillips 8 8
Jared Roy 9 7
Guy Alvarez 10 6
Wallace Alexander 11 5
Todd Heiser 12 4
Oliver Vrambout 13 3
Jason Snider 14 2
Brian Koeneman 15 1

Men Cat 3
Eric Oftedahl 1 20
Dave Oachs 2 18
James Buddenbaum 3 16
Daniel Jacobsen 4 14
Tim Brandvold 5 12
Jonathan Toftoy 6 10
Cody Larson 7 9
Kyle Fleener 8 8
Asa Jacobs 9 7
Zach Johnson 10 6
Gregory Rhodes 11 5
Bruce Martens 12 4
Jeff Ingahm 13 3
Andy Reichert 14 2
Daniel Wheeler 15 1

Women 1/2/3
Jenna Rinehart 1 20
Kim Eppen 2 18
Linda Cooper 3 16
Bianca Bergman 4 14
Corey Coogan 5 12
Lee Penn 6 10
Megan Lennon 7 9
Zoe Reker 8 8
Beckie Alexander 9 7
Terra James 10 6
Kris Brazil 11 5
Jessica Wittwer 12 4
Alexandra Kerl 13 3

Men 45+
Paul McKinney 1 20
Jeff Evanson 2 18
William Kuster 3 16
Steve Laurel 4 14
David Herbert 5 12
Dan Schueller 6 10
Mark Rathbun 7 9
Jeffery Staloch 8 8
Robert Belz 9 7
Dan Inderieden 10 6
Jeff Colbeth 11 5
Mark Kowaliw 12 4
Michael Cisek 13 3
Steve Wenzel 14 2
Eric Swenson 15 1

Men 55+
Charles Townsend 1 20
Gregory Pautsch 2 18
David Ludwigson 3 16
Dan Meyer 4 14
John Stamm 5 12
Robert Ogren 6 10
Robert Benedum 7 9
Michael Lyner 8 8
Steve Hirsh 9 7
Jack Stack 10 6
David Hastert 11 5

Men 4
Josh Collins 1 20
Charles Parsons 2 18
Matt Leizinger 3 16
Clayton McLagan 4 14
Daniel Stresse 5 12
Vince Meyer 6 10
Monte Dirks 7 9
Kris Weum 8 8
Craig Hertz 9 7
Alfred Lajon 10 6
Jacob Oyen 11 5
Andrew Chaffe 12 4
Clayton Summit 13 3
Nathan Goltz 14 2
Scott Sabol 15 1

Women 4
Jeanne Fleck 1 20
Kristy Henderson 2 18
Jacklyn Carlson 3 16
Meredith Rambow 4 14
Amy Campbell 5 12
Lori Belz 6 10
Linsey Hamilton 7 9
Hanna Sullivan 8 8
Lis Wilson 9 7
Nicole Waxmonsky-Tu 10 6
Emily Goltz 11 5
Heather George 12 4
Tina Raesler 13 3
Dana Buddenbaum 14 2
Patty Costello 15 1

B 10-14
Nils Boberg 1 20
Michael Gaines 2 18
Brian Gaines 3 16
Robert Anderson 4 14

G 10-14
Rachel Jensen 1 20
Valerie McGoldrick 2 18

B 15-18
Merrill Lutsky 1 20
Matthew Wenzel 2 18
Zach Stilwell 3 16
Jack Richards 4 14
Trent Warner 5 12
Brody Pasciullo 6 10
Daniel Svedberg 7 9

G 15-18
Zoe Reker 1 20
Niki Reker 2 18
Jessica Greeley 3 16

Registration and packet pickup

November 13th, 2009

Now open at CRC Coffee Bar/Cykle Garage!

See you there between 7pm and 10pm.

3346 Lyndale Ave South.

Thanks to these local shops!

November 13th, 2009

Thanks to these local shops for their sponsorship of the races this weekend!

Penn Cycle, sponsor of the Neutral Support pit

One on One Bicycle Studio, sponsor of barrier section one

Excelcycle, sponsor of the “Stairway to Hell”

Behind Bars Bicycle Shop, sponsor of barrier section two

Freewheel Bike, sponsor of the Sand Pit

Hollywood Cycles, sponsor of the Saturday and Sunday kids races

The Bikery, sponsor of the raffle

Please take a moment while you are at the race this weekend to thank these sponsors for their support!

Good Food for Cross Fans! #fb

November 12th, 2009

The good folks from Stillwater’s Bikery will be at the venue bright and early serving coffee and breakfast treats (both sweet and savory) so show up hungry. The first race gets under way at 9am but food and coffee will be available early as soon as doors open at 7:30 for registration. Stop by the registration hut and help yourself to some of the best grub this side of the St. Croix!

Check out their site at

Additionally, the good folks from Brasa Premium Rotisserie will be on hand during the day serving up lots of great eats inside the Expo tent.

Their site is at

One final bit of news for this post: We are happy to announce that Bouncy Things have been secured for the kids and will be open for the madness on both Saturday and Sunday! Bring those kids out to the races and run them ragged in the jumpers and the kids bike races!

See you Saturday!

Last Chance to Pre-Register for State Cross Champs! #fb

November 11th, 2009

Online pre-registration for the Minnesota State Cyclocross Championship Weekend is now closed.

Those that have pre-registered can pick up their race packet Friday November 13 between the hours of 7pm and 10pm at CRC Coffee Bar/Cykle Garage located at 3346 Lyndale Ave South.

If you missed online registration you can come to CRC Friday night and still pre-register for the weekend. Save money, save time, line up within the same time zone as the starting line! Come on out to CRC, register up for the weekend of racing and treat yourself to a Mexican Coca-Cola while you are at it. Those things are awesome.

Even if you are not racing there are plenty of reasons to come out to Crystal this weekend. The amazing bike industry Expo with local shops and manufacturer booths displaying the latest cool bike equipment. Fantastic food vendors selling all kinds of delicious items for breakfast, lunch and dinner starting at 8am Saturday morning. Bring the kids out for the kids fun racing both Saturday and Sunday!

It’s going to be an great festival, hope to see you there!

Online Pre-Registration Closing! #fb

November 10th, 2009

Online pre-registration for the Shimano 2009 Minnesota State Cyclocross Championship race weekend closes tomorrow, Wednesday November 11, at 10pm.

Save time, save money, win prizes: Register now online!

More State Cross Champ Weekend News! #fb

November 10th, 2009

Don’t forget the kids races at 1:30pm on Saturday and at 12:45pm on Sunday. No barriers involved for the kids, just fast grass riding and fun!

Also, hang around and save some energy for the OPEN HOLESHOT SPRINT race scheduled for 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon! This race is open to all junior, senior and masters men and women participants in one of the previous Sunday races. One race for the men and one for the women, two laps of the course for prizes and prestige to be named on the starting line. You won’t want to miss it!

We look forward to seeing you in Crystal this weekend!