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Bike Night #2 (and Black Flag retrospective)

January 30th, 2010

Bike Nights #2

January 29th, 2010

Bike Nights #2 tonight! Registration opens at 10pm and closes at 10:50pm. Events run from 11:15pm to 12:30am. Registration is $15 for men and just $10 for women.

And tonight we have two $50 gift certificates from The Modern Cafe that will be awarded to some lucky participants!

Come on out and ride indoors, get a great workout and have some fun!

Bike Night Entry Fee reduced! #fb

January 22nd, 2010

BREAKING! Bike Night entry fee reduced to $15 for all riders except women who pay only $10!

As usual, those without valid 2010 USA Cycling licenses will need to pay $5 for a one day license.

Join us for Bike Night #2 – Friday, January 29!

Bike Nights Date Change! #fb

January 19th, 2010

Please note the new dates for Bike Nights:

Bike Night #2 – Friday, January 29

Bike Night #3 – Friday, February 12

Bike Night #4 – Friday, February 26

Registration opens at 10pm and closes at 10:50pm. Events run from 11:15pm to 12:30am.

Registration is $20, $15 for Cat 4/5 riders and just $10 for women! Come on out and ride indoors, get a great workout and have some fun!

Bike Nights thoughts #fb

January 18th, 2010

Sounds like everyone had a pretty fun time at Bike Night #1, glad to hear it!

We had the original idea to make the night super organized with very structured individual events during the course of the evening, but it seemed like everyone was more interested in having a good time and just getting a good workout, which worked out great.

The rolling resistance is really high on that surface and I think most were pretty surprised by how much work it was to keep the momentum going. This caused most of those in attendance to be pretty much worn out after an hour and a half. So I think we are going to back things off and make the event from 11pm to 12:30pm. We are also looking to move the Sunday night events to Friday instead.

Other ideas we had is a reduced entry fee for Category 4/5 riders and women in order to fill those races. If we get enough women to show up we can run a separate women’s event.

Hope to see you at the next event, I will let you know if we end up adjusting the date and moving the next event to Friday night.

Bike Night #1

January 16th, 2010

Race at the NSC Indoor Field from Smithers on Vimeo.

Bike Night #1 Tonight! #fb

January 15th, 2010

The first of four events in the Bike Night Series takes place tonight at the National Sports Center!

Park in Lot B (SW corner of the map) enter the Sports Hall building using the door closest to the lot. Map here. Registration opens at 10pm and closes at 10:50pm.

The registration fee is $20 for those with valid 2010 USA Cycling licenses, $25 for those without.

The field will be open for warming up at 11pm with events starting at about 11:15pm. You may consider bringing a trainer to warm up with. Also, bring a lawn chair or beach blanket to hang out between events.

We are planning multiple events for each evening. For those who ride at the velodrome the format of the evening should be very similar.

THIS IS NOT CYCLOCROSS. There will be no barriers, no dismounts.

Events may include 10-15 lap scratch, miss and out, points, etc.

Category 1 & 2 riders will be entered in the A category event.
Category 4 & 5 riders will be entered in the B category event.
Category 3 riders will be entered in the category event of their choice.

Riders will stay in their event category for the duration of the evening with the exception of the winner of a B event. This rider will have a “strike” added to their number. This rider will then be “upgraded” to the A event for the duration of the evening and will be allowed to enter future A events on future evening events.

The course will change each evening as well as over the course of the evening. Oval loops, 180 degree turns, chicanes, etc, will all be found on the course at various times throughout the event.

While it is a heated space it may be a bit cool inside the NSC for the events. Long sleeves or arm warmers and knee or leg warmers are recommended.

Regarding bicycles: Cyclocross rules apply: drop bars or flat bars with bar ends removed.

Testing has shown that tire widths between 30mm and 40mm seem to work best. Narrow road racing tires sink down into the turf and wide MTB tires have too much rolling resistance.

Road or cyclocross bikes are recommended.

Shoes with recessed cleats will be required (MTB style shoes) in order to protect the turf.

USAC approved helmets are required at all times while riding.

ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED ON THE FIELD! No other beverages and no food is allowed on the field. There is a room just off the field where other beverages and food is allowed.

We would also suggest eye protection of some kind. The small granules of rubber that live just under the synthetic ‘grass’ tend to fly up sometimes off of tires. Glasses would be good to have.

For those not able to make it tonight the events will be broadcast LIVE on the internet here. Check the link starting at 10:30pm to watch registration live!

We hope to see you all tonight at the NSC!

Bike Nights #1 this Friday night! #fb

January 10th, 2010

Just five nights to go until Bike Night Number One!

Don’t spend your winter trapped on the trainer in the basement.

Bring your bike out to the indoor field at the National Sports Center for some indoor field riding!

January 15 & 31
February 12 & 28

Registration opens at 10:00pm and closes at 10:50pm. Entry fee is $20.

Events begin at 11:00pm.

A/B category
B/C category

Each category will have multiple events each evening. Road/Cyclocross category 1 & 2 riders will be entered in the A/B events. Category 4 & 5 riders will be entered in the B/C events. Category 3 riders will be able to choose their event.

Riding will take place on the NSC FieldTurf®. Testing has shown that tire widths between 30 and 40mm work best. Bicycles with drop bars or MTB bars with barends removed will be allowed in the events. Fixed gears bicycles are not allowed and bicycles must be equipped with at least one working brake.

Questions? E-mail us at

Visit the following pages for more information:

Bike Nights Facebook Page

Bike Night #1 Event Page

Bike Nights Information and Discussion Page

We hope to see you there!