Bike Nights thoughts #fb

Sounds like everyone had a pretty fun time at Bike Night #1, glad to hear it!

We had the original idea to make the night super organized with very structured individual events during the course of the evening, but it seemed like everyone was more interested in having a good time and just getting a good workout, which worked out great.

The rolling resistance is really high on that surface and I think most were pretty surprised by how much work it was to keep the momentum going. This caused most of those in attendance to be pretty much worn out after an hour and a half. So I think we are going to back things off and make the event from 11pm to 12:30pm. We are also looking to move the Sunday night events to Friday instead.

Other ideas we had is a reduced entry fee for Category 4/5 riders and women in order to fill those races. If we get enough women to show up we can run a separate women’s event.

Hope to see you at the next event, I will let you know if we end up adjusting the date and moving the next event to Friday night.

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