BIKE NIGHTS – National Sports Center Indoor Field Riding

Don’t spend your winter trapped on the trainer in the basement.

Bring your bike out to the indoor field at the National Sports Center for some indoor field riding!

January 15 & 31
February 12 & 28

Registration opens at 10:00pm and closes at 10:50pm. Entry fee is $20.

Events begin at 11:00pm.

A/B category
B/C category

Each category will have multiple events each evening. Road/Cyclocross category 1 & 2 riders will be entered in the A/B events. Category 4 & 5 riders will be entered in the B/C events. Category 3 riders will be able to choose their event.

Riding will take place on the NSC FieldTurf®. Testing has shown that tire widths between 30 and 40mm work best. Bicycles with drop bars or MTB bars with barends removed will be allowed in the events.

Questions? E-mail us at

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